A complete tracking process

The built-in defects register helps simplify defects management for your project. With the RedHub Defects Tracker you can record defects, assign subcontractors to complete defects, track the progression, generate a range of reports and schedule all defects against completion dates and times.

Stand-alone module or integrated

Defects Tracker is an integrated module that runs parallel with the RedHub Document and Communications Management System (DCMS), or alternatively can be used as a “stand alone” defect tracking module.

Raise defects and notify subcontractors

The RedHub Defects Tracker is designed to allow a Company to raise a defect or defects from a device or desktop computer, assign any number of subcontractors the responsibility of completing those defects, assign completion dates for defects, while notifying and reminding the subcontractor of their own performance in completing defects on time.

Defect reporting

With RedHub Defects Tracker you have the ability to create many types of defect reports, and invitee or subcontractor performance reports.

Signing off completed defects

Invitees can log on and inspect their own defects lists and progressively sign off individual or groups of defects as they are completed. Once signed of as completed by an invitee, the administrating company receives notification for final completion approval.

Up to date

RedHub Defect Tracker is a complete tracking and reporting system that will keep all stakeholders up to date and informed as to the defect status for any project.