Secure Document Control

RedHub provides key features when it comes to secure document control, including:

  • Automatic version control
  • All team members are kept up to date with the latest version of any document
  • Protect documents and directories with access groups
  • Secure, unlimited storage space
  • View document anywhere

Version Control

RedHub is the ideal platform for keeping all project documents up-to-date, with all stakeholders continually informed of new versions. When consultants, subcontractors and suppliers are logging into RedHub, they are working off the same live document register with all superseded documents stored neatly behind the latest versions.

Current and superseded documents are all easily uploaded, accessed, downloaded, and transmitted to other project team members and tenderers.

Share your documents

RedHub makes your electronic documents available to any member of your team with varying access groups. Users not assigned to access groups won't see any documents, while team members with the proper authority can upload, view, and download project documents as needed.

Secure unlimited storage

RedHub removes the need for companies to address data storage, security and IT management in their own office, as all documentation stored with RedHub is secured in multiple data centres with multiple backup regimes.

Access RedHub from any device

RedHub is refreshingly easy to use from all types of devices currently in the market place. With any device, in any place, and at any time you can access all your RedHub projects and know that the latest documents and communications are right there at your fingertips.

Document reporting

RedHub records everything, as documents are downloaded, transmitted, tendered upon and viewed. The powerful reporting module will allow you to filter out specific information you might require.