An easy efficient way to manage your tenders

Tender management can be time consuming and labour intensive, involving manual processes, short timeframes, and large volumes of documents.

The RedHub system is designed to make tendering easy for both the issuer and recipient. RedHub has proven to be a quick and efficient tendering tool

Centralised system

All information in one place


Revised information sent quickly

Subcontractor database

Access to thousands of contacts


Instant notifications

Company Library

Standard company information storage for tender inclusion


Customised reports

Streamline with your device

Distribute and manage tenders instantly and securely online from any device regardless of the number of the documents, or the package size. See all your tender invitations and quotes from where ever you are.

Reduce printing and administration costs

Eliminate the need to print documents. Information is sent via notification instantly. Your invitees only need to follow a link directly to the document download button.

Cut tender management times

The ability to structure and automate the tender process is key to reducing the time it takes to disperse and evaluate tenders. RedHub helps to streamline processes so you can focus on winning projects and awarding contracts.

Private and secure

Each tenderand submission is protected by layers of security. All communications are kept completely confidential. Tenderers only ever see information that is intended for them.

Up to date information

Your company and all invitees will be notified of changes to tender information ensuring tendering is in-line with the latest set of documents.

Uploading Parameters

Managing thousands of documents without limits on data or participant numbers is a standard inclusion with RedHub. With features like automatic superceding and addendum tracking, you can manage the tender process seamlessly.