What is RedHub?

RedHub is a Document Management and Communications cloud based collaborative platform designed for construction companies, developers, architects and consultants.

RedHub is a central platform where all project information resides.

RedHub is a platform where all project participants can view the latest documentation for any project. 

As RedHub stores all project documents, the system will track and record all aspects of communication between stakeholders including document movement, tender dispersal, defect rectification work, and provide any customisable project reporting that might be required.

RedHub is a multi-functional platform that will allow a company to:

  • Upload, download and supercede documents.
  • Communicate through a sophisticated messaging system.
  • Send automatic alerts.
  • Make use of a complete tendering module that will control and track documents for lump sum tenders as well as management projects.
  • Invite consultants, subcontractors and other participants to have access to your project.
  • Assign levels of access to invitees.
  • Give access to consultants to upload and supercede documentation.

Whether you are a small builder or a large construction company, we are confident we can improve the way you communicate, send out tenders, store drawings, specifications and other project documents, and also make relevant information accessible to all project stakeholders.

Proven cost savings

RedHub is a proven time and money saver, and has a design team that has been dedicated to providing document management needs to the construction industry since 1997.

There is good reason to call RedHub new generation. With RedHub there are no signup fees or locked in contracts. The platform is fast, secure and reliable, and the running costs are low. We also believe RedHub to be the most user-friendly document management platform available.

Today the decision to invest in a document management system has never been easier. There is no excuse for developers, architects, construction companies or builders not to run a document management and communications system with all the features, for the right price, on all projects.

An intuitive system

RedHub has a simple and intuitive interface designed for ease of use. New users and projects can be up and running in minutes. RedHub is the perfect system for any user that might find moving with technology not so easy. RedHub will help make that transition smooth, saving time and money.

There are no hidden shock costs, user licences or upgraded management costs. The investment is a monthly fee, fixed for the project duration.

Unlimited user access and documents

You can add an unlimited number of users resulting in a completely accessible platform for every stakeholder involved. The advantage of adding all consultants, architects, subcontractors and suppliers to the one system is that all stakeholders are reading off the same register of documentation, and communicating on one platform.

As all stakeholders are accessing the same platform and each entity will have differing uploading, view only, superceding and communication roles, the company will also have the ability to control the levels of access that all entities have. The differing levels of access can restrict or open up the number of functions and access any invitee has to the system.

In addition to an Administrator having no limit to the number of users added to a project, there is also no limit on the number of documents a company can upload to the RedHub platform. By having no data limit restrictions a company will have the freedom to include all necessary information on all projects.

Centralised document register

RedHub’s centralised document register is a platform for all project participants including suppliers, subcontractors, consultants, project managers and estimators. From this central point, project participants can view the complete set of current drawings and specifications, and all other documentation.

Any updated documents are simply uploaded to the Centralised Document Register and automatically superceded. All project participants that have been relevance linked to the updated document can also receive automated notifications of updates via email.

The RedHub centralised platform holds all project information, including the latest version of all documents and all superceded files. By engaging all the project stakeholders on the one information platform, ensures the correct information is always available.

Revision control features

- RedHub features powerful revision control, with the system able to identify new revisions and   automatically supersede the previous revisions, ensuring that all team members are working off the latest documents.
- Each new revision is assigned a status, being either preliminary, design, tendering or for construction.
- The Company at any time can view who has access, or who has viewed any particular document. This will help to ensure that all team members are working from the latest documents.
- Users can also access all old revisions that are stored behind the current version of any document. The full document history including revisions, dates and who was responsible for uploading and revising is also viewable.

Track and record everything

View data across your entire project to keep track of your users and subcontractors. Generate reports on document downloads, tender views, communications and more. Tracking features also include viewing:

  • Date of issue tracking on individual documents.
  • Historic document registers for any date.
  • Which subcontractors have viewed updated documents.
  • Reports on actual tender documents received.
  • When subcontractors have been issued addendums.
  • Transmittals issued.
  • Reports on subcontractors who have not responded to instructions.

24/7 access to your project from anywhere

RedHub is a continuous and live platform that can be accessed at any time. If you are a project manager or estimator looking  to meet tight timelines, RedHub is always online and fully functioning on a maintained and firewalled secure data storage platform.

Your documents and project communication tools are available online, 24/7. As long as you have an internet connection you can access your documents from a computer or mobile device from anywhere in the world.

The subcontractor database and user access

RedHub incorporates an extensive data base of subcontractors, suppliers and consultants. Within the RedHub project access area, and the tendering module. Companies can search these contacts by company name, individual’s names, area of work, or by specific trades that work in specific geographical regions.

Contacts from the data base can be added to your project as general users, or companies can search the data base and add users as tenderers via the tender module.

From the tendering module you can search these contacts by company name, individuals names, area of work, or by specific trades that work in specific geographical regions.

The RedHub contacts database is a smooth operating and integrated source of information for your business. It is simple to use, and there is no need for a company to update subcontractor personal information. All users are prompted to keep their own information updated.

Adding new users to the RedHub database

If you are searching for a specific subcontractor and find that a company is not registered with the RedHub Data base, you can simply add that subcontractor in seconds. Adding subcontractors to the data base is easy when all you need is a company name, contact and email address.

Updating user information on the database

After a subcontractor has been added to the RedHub data base, they will be periodically prompted to update any information that may have changed. Importantly, the maintaining of up to date personal information is by the subcontractors, consultants and general users themselves.

Project contact list

Once a user has been invited to your project, RedHub automatically generates a notification to the users email address, inviting them to join the project. They will then have access to all documents, and correspondence you assign to them.

The RedHub “Project Contact List” will contain all the relevant personnel invited to a project, allowing you to select and assign documents and correspondence to the correct team members faster and easier than ever before.