Terms and Conditions of using RedHub


Any entity that engages the use of RedHub for the purposes of managing project documentation is bound to accept the payment agreement set out by The RedHub platform provider, and agreed to by the entity. If a payment arrangement is not honored, or is breached in anyway the RedHub service will be discontinued.


Client and user information stored on the RedHub platform may include individual's names, email address, phone numbers, addresses, company positions, project details, and other information required to manage a project. Information provided on the RedHub platform is not disclosed or used for any other purpose, other than for the management of the project. RedHub is not responsible for the misuse of information by the client, user(s) or any third party.

RedHub will not be responsible for any information loaded onto the system. The service is provided to the client and the users to upload, download, message and enter information that is related to the management of the construction project. RedHub does not review, information entered, uploaded or download to or from the system. The appropriateness, accuracy and timeliness of all information is the responsibility of the client and the users. The intellectual property on RedHub remains the property of the client.

RedHub may require cookie files, which may be stored on the user's computer. These cookies are required to access and speed up the communication process for all users. If the client or user's browser is set to disallow cookies, their online experience may vary.


Any uploaded documentation,  messages including attachments, transmittals, and any other movement or progression of information on the RedHub platform will permanently reside with the project, cannot be removed, and will be included in the project archiving as a complete record of project activity for viewing by the Administration User(s), and other applicable stake holders.


The platform provider is not responsible for breach of any copyright law in relation to information stored on RedHub, by the client, user or any third party.


Users are solely responsible for maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of their usernames and passwords. RedHub has an integrated authentication system which safe guards against unauthorized access. RedHub reviews security protocols to maintain appropriate safeguards for information stored. Backup and recovery systems are incorporated into the platform, though, as this platform engages with the internet, RedHub will not be responsible for any breaches of security, loss of data, misuse, and data corruption caused by external sources.

RedHub will not be liable for any, downtime, recovery losses and expenses, damage to user property or third party infrastructures, and for any client and/or user business interruptions due to data loss, virus infection, theft of data, security breaches, or RedHub downtime.


The client and users accept that from time to time there may be limited or no access to RedHub due to RedHub repair work, malfunction, data recovery, security breaches, system upgrades, and scheduled maintenance. RedHub will perform all scheduled maintenance work during low traffic periods, and any scheduled downtime period will be advertised during preceding days. RedHub will not be responsible for down time caused by service providers, external network providers or unforeseen circumstances.