Project archiving overview

When your project has completed, let RedHub look after your arching requirements.

RedHub has an efficient system of archiving all project documentation and correspondence. From concept design through to project maintenance manuals, you can archive all your project files with RedHub.

Cloud-based archiving

Online cloud-based archiving is a safe and secure way, to keep your projects archived. They provide an immediate accessible point to all documentation that cannot be lost, destroyed or misplaced.

Companies that choose to archive on RedHub, will have access to a fully searchable list of projects and documentation that is always accessible.

Advantages in having projects archived with RedHub are:

- Projects can be reactivated at any time.
- Instantly locate archived project files.
- Meet quality assurance requirements with a complete set of project documents and correspondence , including version history, available at all times
- Manage risk and reduce the cost of recovering information.
- Project archives are stored securely with geographical redundant backups, insuring your records are kept safe.
- Companies do not need to worry about the organisation of internal data storage and security protection of this data.